Watermark & Vox Media

What Working Women Want: Survey of Professional Women

In August and September, just as the fourth COVID wave peaked, we partnered with Vox Media to conduct an important survey. We knew anecdotally that many women were thinking differently about their work lives, but we wanted more data--and some solutions. The future of work is the subject of endless panels and lectures (we know, we’ve hosted them!). This time, we wanted to hear directly from women how they would design the future.

The answers should make companies take a close look at their workplace norms and policies. While many women have found ways to persevere and even make career gains during this time, we heard cries of ageism and complaints about diversity programs gone stagnant. Most say the support programs they need are still too scarce. With women’s talents desperately needed yet still underutilized, we face a looming talent drain--and that should worry us all.

Curious to know more? Check out the full white paper below.