Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Your Brand

Summer Skill Series Part 4

Tuesday, August 10th 2021

LinkedIn can be a far more powerful career tool than your resume. Your resume says what you’ve done, but LinkedIn can say who you are—and who you want to be. It can show employers what drives you, why you’re unique and what you’re capable of. Learn how to bring your personal brand to life in this sure-to-be dynamic discussion.

René Shimada Siegel

René Shimada Siegel has a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to live their lives while being effective on the job. Almost 25 years ago, after having three children in five years, Shimada Siegel left corporate America and never looked back. She started her own freelance PR business, with a goal of making life easier for her overworked corporate pals while also helping freelance friends thrive. Her business was eventually branded Connext and it became Silicon Valley’s resource for marketing and communications consultants. Now, Shimada Siegel is a Partner with AMF Media Group and leads the Connext Services team for AMF. Shimada Siegel and her team have supported thousands of technology clients by providing them specialized consultants ranging from recent grads to senior strategists. She is a public relations professor at her alma mater, San Jose State University, and a contributing writer for Forbes and Inc.com.